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Recognizing National Infertility Awareness

Apr 23, 2021

It’s that time–Infertility Awareness Week. So many people go through infertility, even secondary. And yet, we feel so isolated when it happens to us. I wish we could reach out and hold each other. It’s a struggle. It hurts. It feels all the feels.

I haven’t talked much about my infertility in a long time–years. I just haven’t known what to say. Infertility has been with me for over eight years. Nothing much has changed in that time. We tried some things, they didn’t work out.

Over two years ago, Scott and I were almost done with our home study to go through the adoption process. We were so excited, but unforeseen life changes interrupted that plan. I quit my job because of anxiety. Scott was deployed. We sold our house.

Since then, Scott has returned home from a second deployment, which kept us from working toward our goal of growing our family.

And here we are today. We have plans. Good things are coming in the future. We have a lot of hope and faith. God is with us and cares about our desire to grow a family. That is what keeps us going.

With not a ton of updates, I thought I’d go back and share some old posts, so you have a better idea what Scott and I have been through in our infertility struggles.

Check out:

Infertility is a long, hard road to go through. If infertility is part of your story, I hear you, I feel you, I see you. I hope you can find hope and comfort from a community of other infertility warriors and God. He loves you. You are worth so much to him. His blessings will come.


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