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Hi! I'm Sara Ann Comte

I am an author, yogi, and self love advocate.

I love books and story. I love yoga. And I'm all about that self love.

About Writing

I have been writing since I was a kid, staying in from recess to put the finishing touches on my story, playing "author" in my room, and staying up late to write the stories in my head. 

It's the magic of story that attracts me—the what if, the possibilities, the magic, the adventure into the unknown, the growth from those adventures, and the creation of interesting characters. 

About Yoga

Yoga is my favorite form of creative movement and meditation because it quiets the mind, sculpts the body, and teaches me about letting go of the ego so I can focus on the present.

Yoga helped me find self love when I needed it most, helping me recognize my beauty, strength, and ability. I teach yoga with that purpose: To help other women—and anyone else who would like to join—find peace, purpose, worth, and growth through a beautiful practice. 

I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, teaching mainly online through free videos and paid monthly challenges. New challenge coming soon.

About Self Love

I am an average, everyday woman with hopes, dreams, fears, and flaws. I've struggled with my own version of self love—just as all women do—including false beliefs about my beauty, body, strength, and ability; imposter syndrome; and my worth to myself and others.


As I've worked to overcome these false beliefs and recognize and embrace my self worth, I've yearned to share self love with others. We are all divine, beautiful beings full of worth, potential, and power. It is my mission that through my writing, yoga, and other offerings, you feel served, loved, and empowered. 

What are my loves and passions?

  • Helping other everyday women find self love and recognize their divine beauty, strength, and ability.

  • Writing—specifically creating engaging stories with interesting characters who go on a journey of self discovery.

  • Yoga—it's one of my greatest passions. You'll see yoga content all over my website, including on the blog.

  • My favorite things. I can't keep these products and brands to myself. That would be selfish. And I want others to enjoy the things that I love.

  • And maybe more. Who knows what I'll be into next?

My mission:

To help everyday women recognize their divine self and embrace their love of self, power, growth, and beauty.​

How do I do this? 


  • Sharing my story

  • Offering tips and ideas

  • Being real—showing the real-life journey of self love

  • Encouraging, motivating, and validating the incredible you!


I hope you stick around, join in the conversation, and become a great friend.

Sara Ann Comte


Interesting Facts

Favorite Snack

Chocolate chip cookies and Dr. Pepper. The two together are yum!

Favorite Vacation

The beach. Any beach. As long as it's warm. I love that ocean sound and option to go swimming.

Favorite Superhero

Spider-Man, since I was a kid watching the 90s cartoon. Love it!

Where I Live

Good 'ol Missouri. We moved here a year ago to a 10-acre piece of land with a pond. We love it here!

Place I Want to Visit

Europe. All the places: Venice, England, Paris, all of it.

Favorite Season

Summer; I love the warmth and the outside activities. But I'm always happy when the seasons change.