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Sara Ann Comte

Embracing Life's Many Adventures

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Interested in work with me? Here’s some quick info:

Sara Ann Comte is an author, yogi, and content creator. She aims to inspire others to live life with curiosity and joy, and bravely and boldly embrace new experiences as life leads to unexpected journeys. Her creative content, wellness programs, writings, and other offerings focus on every-day life, healing, and confidence building.

Sara invites her audience to journey into the unknown, enjoy discovery, and leap into adventure, taking risks that will help them recognize and embrace their worth, potential, and beautiful selves.

For more information on Sara Ann Comte's following and audience demographics, please download a copy of the media kit below. 

For all collaboration inquiries, please reach Sara at


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How Can You Work with Me?

Partner with Me through Affiliate Programs

I love supporting small and large businesses that align with my mission. If you feel we would work well together, send me a message.

Let's Advertise

Do you have a product or service you would like to advertise with me? Contact me and let’s make sure we fit well together.

Collaborate on a Project

Let's work together on a blog, article, or other content post or series. If your idea fits will with my mission, I'd love to work with you and support your goals. Let's chat.​

Hire Me

Book me for a writing, yoga, or speaking project. Do you have a publishing platform or event you’d love me to be a part of? Let’s discuss.

My mission is to help women boldly embrace their divine selves through the healing power of purposeful movement, stillness, and writing. In working with companies, brands, and people, I seek to uphold this mission. If you feel your project, product, or brand aligns well with this mission, let’s chat and discuss how we can work together.

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