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Sara Ann Comte

Hi. I'm Sara Ann Comte—author,  yogi, and self-love warrior. My stories mainly focus on sci-fi fantasy and characters who are forced into an experience to help them discover their divine strength, beauty, and ability.

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Brita On Fire

Book 1

When Brita is nine-years-old, she discovers an ability that takes the lives of her mother and brother. Overcome with grief and guilt, she seeks comfort from her father. But he is unwilling to face his daughter and sends her away, to the facility, a mysterious place filled with doctors, nurses, and guards who are curious about Brita and what she can do. 


Brita On Fire

Book 2

Book 1 of Brita on Fire ended with a cliff hanger that left readers wondering what will happen to Brita next and if she will ever truly be free of the facility. Book 2 promises more intrigue, mystery, and insight.

Burst of Light

Blood Chosen

Blood Chosen is my baby book, the one I've had in my brain and heart for years, and soon it will be coming your way to be devoured, analyzed, and all such reader stuff.