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We Bought a Fixer Upper. Now What?

Remember that one time Scott and I bought a fixer-upper? I definitely do. Every. Day. I wake up, and there it is, staring me in the face, like my dog, calling for my attention.

I think this place Scott and I bought is just another pet. Like Obi, our forever puppy chihuahua, this home (land, house, and all), needs a lot of attention and tender love and care. Frankly put, it's a bit of a mess. But it's our mess, and we have so many dreams for it that we can't wait to make reality.

Why We Bought a Fixer Upper

Why did we buy a fixer upper again? I'll be honest, I've asked this question a few times since we've been here.

Our last house was brand new, and I loved it. When we sold it, I was heart broken. We only lived there for a short almost two years, and I didn't think we'd move so soon.

So why go from that to this?

I think it was a couple years in the making. We sold our beautiful new house in 2018 just before Scott was deployed with the military, and before he took a year-and-a-half contract job in Afghanistan. In those two years, we had a lot of conversations that revolved around, "What's next." And somehow that led us to Missouri.

As we started looking at housing options, we both fell in love with the idea of land. We wanted land to grow and play on, a place to create a homestead, maybe a home with a pond. We had so many dreams. And with these dreams, we realized the best option, to get those things was to get an older home on the land we love, and then turn the house into our dream home.

And so here we are--on land that we love, with lots of trees, plenty of space for a garden, an orchard, and some animals, and lot's of room to grow and play. Now to make the dream house.

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