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I’m Pregnant!

Jun 11, 2021

It’s still so crazy to say. I’m pregnant. Really. I’m pregnant!

We announced our baby Comte coming in December, super close to Christmas (Christmas baby!) just yesterday on social media. And I am blown away by all the amazing excitement and support. (Really, you guys made me almost cry.)

I don’t know if you’re wondering (I would be), this question, “But after years of infertility, how did it happen?”

I’ll tell you. 😉 I won’t get into the specifics. I’ll dot that on a post next week. But I will tell you the incredible, amazing story of our miracle baby.

We’ve Been Trying for over 8 Years

Scott and I have been married for almost 9 1/2 years, and one year into our marriage, Scott and I started playing around with the idea of having a baby. We decided we would get off birth control and and just see what happens.

Honestly, I thought I would get pregnant quickly. My mom always talked about how she would think the word “pregnant” and BOOM, she’d be right there. But this did not happen for me. Months passed, and not baby.

We started really trying by tracking my basal body temperature and paying attention to ovulation cycles. Still nothing.

Finally, after a year of trying and not succeeding, we went to an infertility specialist.

The Infertility Story

We went through all the tests–lab work, sperm checks, hormone levels, etc. Everything checked out just fine.

Finally, the doctor suggested, “Let’s do a laparoscopy. While we’re in there, I’ll check your tubes to make sure theres’ not blockage, and we’ll be able to check for endometriosis.” This is where I should mention that my mom, only a few years before, found out she had one of the worst cases of endometriosis her doctor had seen. And I had been having ovarian pains since I was about 19, so my mom highly suspected I had it too.

The day of the laparoscopy came. Turns out my tubes were/are great. No blockage. But, he did find endometriosis–my only explanation as to why we were having a hard time getting pregnant. They removed all that they could see, luckily.

Because I was 30 at the time, the doctor didn’t want to put me on birth control, as he did with younger patients, to deter the growth of endometriosis. Instead, he suggested we do IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). We agreed and started the process.

We did it three times. And it failed three times.

That’s when the doctor said our next option would be In Vitro.

This was all before Scott was to do six months of training with the Air Force in Mississippi.

Opting for Adoption

With Scott going away for a few months, we decided to put the decision on hold.

When he came back, I had my heart set on adoption instead.

Here’s why:

With endometriosis, one of the biggest reasons some women experience infertility is because the fertilized egg has a hard time sticking to the uterine wall for implantation. I worried that we’d have the same problem with In Vitro as we did with IUI and spend a lot of money for something that wasn’t going to work for me. With adoption, I felt like I had a greater chance of getting a baby, or a child (we were ready to adopt a child up to six-years-old).

So, some time after Scott got back, a few years maybe, we started the adoption process. And we were really close to being done with our home study so we could get into the marketing and waiting period.

And then everything fell apart.

Big Changes that Interrupted Adoption

About this time, I was experiencing some high stress at work, and my anxiety was through the roof. One day I experienced an anxiety attack that scared Scott, and he strongly requested I quit my job.

And I did. It was hard, for reasons maybe I’ll talk about in a different post, but I did it.

And also during this time, Scott was getting ready to be deployed with the military.

We decided to sell our house, our beautiful house I loved, and move me in with my parents just outside of Las Vegas.

And Scott left.

Adoption was on hold with no home and me healing from over stress and anxiety.

Two-Year Wait

Scott’s six-month deployment interruption to our adoption plans ended up being a two-year wait.

While Scott was in Kuwait with the Air Force, he received a really good job offer that would move him to Afghanistan. I couldn’t go with him. It was a hard decision, maybe I’ll make a post about this too, but we decided to go for it, with my demand that he only be gone for a year.

That would have brought him home in June 2020.

But we all know how that year went. With the pandemic, Scott couldn’t leave the country. Or he could, but he’d have no replacement. There were a lot of issues with it. But he had to stay.

Finally he came home in November. And wouldn’t you know, he left on his deployment in November two years before. Two whole years of being away from each other. Two years too long.

While Scott Was Away

While Scott was away, I worked on some things that I believe played a major part in our being able to get pregnant.

  1. I devoted a lot of time to yoga–exercising my body, staying active, keeping it healthy in movement.

  2. I got on a diet program that helped me lose over 30 pounds.

  3. I switched up some of my products to more natural ones that didn’t have a lot of harmful chemicals.

  4. I started practicing manifesting.

Since Scott’s Been Home

It’s been a crazy ride. We bought a fixer-upper in Missouri and moved halfway across the U.S. We tried to start a business and failed. We’ve gotten to know each other, or get used to each other, again after being apart for two years.


We Got Pregnant!

It wasn’t by accident. We actually started trying again, with ovulation tracking and BBT tracking and all the stuff. And it was stressful. After a few months, I was ready to give up. I hated seeing my period come every month when I was hoping so much for it to be MIA. I hated hoping only for those hopes to be dashed. I didn’t want to keep going through that. It was too painful. I’d been there before, I didn’t want to keep torturing myself.

So we gave up.

Little did we know that when we gave up, we were already pregnant.

My period time came, and no visitor showed up. And I started feeling some interesting symptoms. So we got a pregnancy test.

I was actually sure we were pregnant. Scott didn’t want to hope.

When I took the test, I waited semi-patiently in the bathroom for the result to show up. And when it did, I could hardly talk.

“Scott,” I timidly said, walking back into the bedroom. “We’re pregnant.”

“No,” he cried, “No. Really? No.”

I showed him the test, and tears welled up in his yes. “Really?”

All I could do was nod and cry along with him.

We’re pregnant! Really pregnant. We have a baby on the way. And every time I see the baby on the ultrasound, I am right back to looking at the pregnancy test. I can hardly believe we have this beautiful miracle growing inside me. We’ve waited so long, and we can hardly wait to meet our miracle. For now, I am doing all I can to enjoy this time, carrying and nurturing our baby, doing all I can to keep it healthy.


Baby Comte coming this Christmas!


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