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Note about Self-Love: It is Beautiful, Strong, and Capable

You are divine. Let me show you.

A few years ago, I quit my corporate job—a job where I had been the longest in my career, where I had a big "director" title, where I led an amazing team, where I had launched programs and 'firsts' for the company... But also where I was overly stressed on a daily basis and overfilling with anxiety.

When I quit my job, I was relieved because I could finally calm down. But I also felt guilt, dread, regret, confusion, worry, and so many other feelings. I felt like a quitter, like I was letting others down. And I felt like I was nothing, that the reason I was having all the feelings and the anxiety and stress was because I was not good enough.

Years later, I now recognize that my thoughts after quitting were simply because I needed to heal, not because I wasn't good enough. Through all my success at my job, I had clearly proven I was more than good enough.

A few months later, I found myself living in Las Vegas with my parents while Scott was deployed with the military. During this time I gave myself over to writing and yoga. I let these two mediums do their work and heal me in a way I didn't know was possible. And it was during this time that I came up with a mantra that has stuck with me even today.

I beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.

Self-love is beautiful, strong, and capable

Self-Love is Beautiful, Strong, and Capable

This mantra helped me embrace my divinity and recognize that even with years of thinking I can't or I'm not, I can and I am. And so can and are you! You are divine. Let me show you.

You are Beautiful

There are a number of memories that come to mind when I felt that I was not beautiful. Some memories are of people telling me I'm ugly or not as pretty as someone else. Other memories are times I felt out of place because of my dress or awkwardness. And other memories come from causality—something happened or didn't happen so I blamed it on not being beautiful.

It has taken me a long time to see my beauty. It has taken me a long time to let myself believe that I am beautiful. It's not an easy road.

But, it is a road that we should all take at some point. We all need to recognize our beauty. Yes, you are beautiful too. And I"m not just saying that. Every woman in this world has her own unique beauty. It shines in different waysmaybe through the eyes, or the hair, or the lips, or the cheekbones, or the slender figure, or the strong arms, or the high brows... The goal is not to take one person's beauty and make it our own, but to embrace our own beauty and let it shine.

That's what really good makeup artists and stylists do—they focus on the beauty that is already there and let it be the superstar.

But... there's more.

Beauty is not only about looks. Have you ever noticed how a really kind person has a kind of beauty, something that shines from their person that is magnetizing and beautiful?

Embracing beauty cannot be just about looks. It needs to be about our whole person. Find your gifts, your talents and share those with the world. You have them, and they are waiting to be heard and seen. Continue to work on your inner beauty—kindness, patience, understanding, forgiveness, etc.—and let it speak to others.

As you embrace your inner and outer beauty, you'll notice your confidence grow. You'll see more than beauty in yourself. You'll also see your talents, strengths, and abilities.

You are divine, and you are full of beauty—inside and out. Embrace your beauty and let it shine.

You are Strong

When I was a kid, I wanted to be strong. I wanted to show that I can lift that heavy dresser and the couch. My mom actually taught me and my sisters to be strong, that it was important to be strong.

I think as women we sometimes think that physical strength is not necessary, or that it makes us look too masculine, that it takes away from our physical beauty. But I don't think that is the case at all. Some of the most beautiful women lift weights and have amazing muscle definition in their arms and legs.

When I created my mantra, I wanted to do the "cool" yoga poses like chin stand and head stand and crow. I wanted to be strong so I could lift myself up.

But that's not the only reason I came up with this part of the mantra. I wanted to be mentally strong.

I had just left a job that truly stroked my ego. After leaving, I did not feel strong. I felt weak.

But, as I began to heal and see that I was not broken, that I still had a lot more to offer the world, I began to recognize that I am strong.

We are stronger than we think we are. Sometimes we're pushed to our limits, and we think we can't go any further. But somehow we do. It's because we're strong, we have the ability and capability to do more than we think we do, and we are not fragile. We are resilient and determined. We are strong.

You are divine, and you are full of strength.

You Can Be and Do Anything

Let me write that again: You are divine, and you can be and do anything.

This lines up well with strength, but it is also about being bold and motivated.

When I came up with my mantra, I was rejecting the corporate world and working on a book that had been in my mind and heart for years. It is my first full-length novel—still yet to be released. And it has been a difficult process to create. Somehow I have had to get the story that has been in my mind for so long onto paper. That is not an easy thing to do. Living in your mind is one thing; recording it in written words is another.

On top of that, I was trying to lose weight. I had gained a little extra poundage over the last few yeas and I desired to fit better and feel better in my clothes and body. But it was hard to keep going when I craved chocolate chip cookies and watched my family around me eat the delicious foods my tongue wanted.

But, I reminded myself, I can be and do anything.

And, yes, so can you.

You may have something in your life that seems hard and impossible to do. I promise you that it is not. You have the ability and the capability. You just need to push yourself to do it.

Are you faced with imposter syndrome? Me too. So much. Who am I to write this blog and teach you about writing and yoga? Who am I to compete with all the others online? But I can. I have a message to share. I have a purpose. That is what drives me.

Find what drives you. Embrace it. Be bold. And go for it.

You are full of abilities and talents that will take you where you need to be. Yes, you can be and do anything!

You are divine and full of beauty, strength, and abilities

Yes! You are divine! Yes! You are beautiful, strong, and capable. You can have great self-love.

God created you the way you are for a reason. No, you are not perfect. None of us are. But we do have the tools we need to succeed. They are in us.

  • Recognize and embrace your beauty—inside and out—because it will help you see your strengths and help give you the confidence to keep going.

  • Recognize and embrace your strength, because you have the tenacity and resilience to withstand the trials that come your way and move mountains.

  • Recognize and embrace your abilities, because you are full of them and they will take you far in this world as long as you are bold and keep going.

Remember, self-love is beautiful, strong, and capable. If you need it, take my mantra with you. Let yourself embrace the words: I am beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.



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