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It's Time to Prepare--We're Expecting a Baby Girl!

We're pregnant! Did you see?

After years of not knowing if it would ever happen, we have a baby on the way.

And if you missed our gender reveal on Instagram, we're having a baby girl! We're so excited! But, we also have a ton to prepare. We're first-time parents here with little to nothing for our baby. And we want the best for our baby. THE BEST! Here's how we're preparing.

We're Expecting a Baby Girl

Would that have been your guess? I wasn't sure what to think, but Scott was set on a girl.

At our 8-week ultrasound, the technician suspected a girl, but said she couldn't tell for sure. Originally, we thought we would wait until our 20-week ultrasound to find out the gender, but then we decided to do the panarama genetic testing. The email came in, and I could have cried.

Honestly, I'm so happy to have a baby--no matter the gender--coming. Scott and I have waited so long. But having a girl sounds amazing. I know Scott is going to spoil her, and she will have him wrapped around her finger. And now I can't stop looking at and dreaming of all the cute clothes she will wear and the toys she will play with and the adventures we will go on.

Time to Prepare

As I mentioned, we have almost nothing. I have a few things, very few, that I have saved for our baby: some butterfly dresser nobs, some wood animal decor.... That's it.

Luckily, we've had a few wonderful friends offer items they are no longer using. That is going to help a ton!

What else?