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Self Love Mantra: I Can Do Anything

Aug 5, 2021 I can do anything. I can be anything.

Do I believe it?

Yes. Absolutely. But I didn’t always believe it.

We tell kids they can be and do anything. They are the makers of their selves, their dreams, their futures. Do you remember hearing this when you were young? Teachers, parents, other adults tried to instill this concept in our minds. Did we believe them?

Somewhere along the way to adulthood, my belief in myself diminished. I said the words. I wanted to believe them. I wanted so much for them to be true. But I did nothing to make it true. I didn’t follow my dreams. I didn’t do the things I really wanted to do. I did “what I was supposed to do.” I was “who I was supposed to be.” And then it all changed.

My Self-Love Mantra

I’ve talked about it before on here–the anxiety breakdown that led to me quitting my job and changing my life. In the midst of all the changes, I felt like a failure. I felt worthless. “I have failed,” I thought, because I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stay for my team. I couldn’t live the corporate dream life. I wasn’t good enough. And that hurt everything inside me. I didn’t feel strong or pretty or capable.

While I started to heal, I realized I needed to change some of my beliefs. I needed to instill myself with more confidence. I needed to feel good enough.

Around this time, I started truly embracing yoga, going to practice everyday, making it a true part of my life. And the yoga helped. I started to feel capable and strong. But I needed more internally. And that’s when I came up with a mantra:

I am beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.

I don’t know where the mantra came from. I just knew I needed it. I needed to remind myself over and over and over that I am those things, that I have worth, that I am good enough.

I said the words every day. And eventually I began to believe them, to feel them, to embrace them. I learned to love myself as I am and see myself for who I am. I learned of my own beauty, my own strength, my own ability.

I Can Do Anything

I am beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.

This mantra has helped me work toward what I want to be and do. It’s given me encouragement when my confidence has been low. It’s given me strength when I have felt weak. It’s given me comfort during times I thought I’m not enough.

I struggle with a subconscious belief: Even though I say I believe I can achieve my dreams and do what I want out loud, my core says something entirely different–that I can’t be anything different because this is what people already know. I’m an awkward, shy Sara, not a brave, fun, out-there Sara. People will scoff when they see me be anything different than what they know, right?

Haha. It’s funny how we twist our thoughts, blow them out of proportion, over analyze, over dramatize, all that stuff that ultimately hurts us.

This mantra is a daily teaching tool for me. I continually have to remind myself that I can do anything, because, really, I can. There’s nothing stopping me but me. I’ll probably always be awkward–that’s just me and I’m owning it–but I don’t have to be the quiet, shy Sara just because I think that’s what other know me to be. I don’t have to be perfect to be awesome. I can be the weird, crazy, ridiculous Sara that I want to be, the one who writes and loves it and wants to share that with others, the one who loves yoga, the one who wants to be adventurous and get to know others, make friends, make mistakes, make memories…

You Can Be and Do Anything

Yes, you too. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are capable and powerful and brilliant and amazing! Don’t let the internal, subconscious doubts dictate your life. Embrace the beautiful, strong, capable you. Believe in yourself.

I love to put quotes and sayings on my phone to remind me of my beauty and worth. I made a couple for you. Feel free to download them and put them on your phone or a place to remind yourself that you are beautiful, you are strong, and you can be and do anything!

I believe in you!

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