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What Does It Mean to Live Creatively?

I’ve been spouting this term “live creatively” since the days of KreatNou. I tag it in posts on Instagram and Facebook. I use it as a form of encouragement, as a call to action.


But what does it mean? What do I mean when I say “live creatively”?


Live Creatively—Not Just a Phrase

Have you ever taken the enneagram personality test? I am a seven. And sevens like to seek out new experiences. This is true to a fault because I want to experience and do everything. For a long time I thought this was a bad thing. Why couldn’t I just pick one thing to focus on a be passionate about? But lately I see it as a great part of myself because it has allowed me to understand how important creativity is. It has allowed me to see appreciate many things creative.


I’m not just talking about creativity in the sense of what we all think when we hear the word. I’m not talking about only the arts: painting, singing, writing, cooking, etc. I’m talking about all things creative including analytics, learning, coming up with new ideas, and even being silly.


To me, living creatively is embracing all that life has to offer, loving ourselves, and finding joy and fun in the moment.


To me, to “live creatively” is not only being creative but appreciating the creations and ideas of others. To me, to “live creatively” is the following:


To Live Authentically

Be you. Embrace the things you love. Do the thing, wear the thing, be the thing that truly resonates with you. Forget what others have to say about you. Forget the judgements. Forget the pushy sales pitches. Forget the peer pressure. Forget the accolades. Be you. And love being you.


To Live Joyfully

Find joy in the everyday. Appreciate the creativity you see around you. Find joy in it. Participate in it if possible. Let something spark within you that brings joy to your soul. Do things that bring joy to your soul. Find joy in the journey.


To Live with Curiosity

Let yourself question and be curious about anything and everything. Let yourself wonder and seek answers. Let yourself experiment. Let yourself ask the question, “what if?” Let yourself do something just to see the outcome. Be curious.

To Live with Dreams and Ideas

Remember that child who was always dreaming? The one who had ideas and goals and ambitions? The one without reservations or fear or worry of failure? Remember you as that child? Find that child. Embrace that child. Dream. Live in a world of ideas.


To Live with Growth

Part of creativity is to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally. Find ways to grow. Keep learning. Find creative movement that you love. Find ways to grow spiritually that resonate with your soul.


To Live in the Moment

Easier said than done, right? It takes conscious effort to live in the moment, to recognize the things around you that are happening here and now. But when you take the time to do so, you find creativity all around you, and you find opportunities to create.


Live Creatively—a Call to Action, a Call to Be You

More than anything “live creatively” is an invitation to embrace creativity in your life—to embrace your ability and potential to create and to embrace the creativity that is all around you. And the only way to do that is to be you, to let yourself find joy in the action and appreciation of creativity.


Live creatively. I invite you to do it.


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