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Secret and Not-So-Secret Engagement

So, you got the story about how we met, and the friendship story, and the one about our first date, and even the one about the crazy trip to Utah Lake. Now the separation/almost engagement story.

Saying good-bye to Scott after we had been dating for a month was so hard. We had spent so much time together, any moment we could get. And now we had to say good-bye. But not for long and now with amazing future plans.

Okay, let me backtrack a little because you need to know about a couple interesting events that led to a kind-of-but-not-so-secret engagement.

As I said, Scott and I were together a lot—whenever we could be. And our ward—our church group—started to notice. And they would question what was going on. Scott and I sheepishly told everyone we were dating.

One Sunday, we sat in sacrament meeting, right next to each other, holding hands. A few people noticed. I thought our bishop—our spiritual leader—saw us, but I later found out he had no clue.

During a meeting, or in the hall, or somewhere, he brought up my move to Michigan. I said, “I don’t think it’s going to be for as long as I originally planned.”

His eyes got big. “What?” he exclaimed.

I started to explain and he stopped me. “Wait. Come to my office after church. We’ll discuss then.”

So, I did just as he instructed. I showed up at his office and we started talking. He asked, “Why won’t you be staying as long as you planned?”