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“Scott Should Ask Me Out.” Where Did that Come From?

If you haven’t read them already, check out my previous posts: We Met on A Five-Hour Trip to Lake Powel and Will You Marry Me? Those posts will give you the background for today’s post.

After a year of friendship, Scott and I planned on, well, nothing. We didn’t expect our friendship to turn into much more than it was. But, God had something else planned.

I was actually planning to move to Michigan to live with my brother. I was tired of Utah. I wasn’t dating anyone and decided I needed a change of scenery. Scott was getting ready for basic training in the Air Force.

One day, while sitting in sacrament meeting—the main worship services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where we take the sacrament, remember our Savior, and share in the feelings of the spirit through sharing testimonies and such—I said something that forever changed my life.

The meeting had not yet started and Scott’s sister took a seat next to me. My youngest sister sat on the other side. I asked Scott’s sister how she was doing. She said she was doing well. Then she said, “I keep telling Scott he should ask out Amy.” (Not her real name.)

“Oh, yeah,” I replied. “They would be cute together.” And then, without planning it, without thinking it, my mouth opened up and said, “Scott should ask me out before we both move away.”

I was stunned. Where did that come from?

Later, maybe a year or so later, I talked to my sister about that day. She said, “Yeah. That seemed weird. I remember thinking, ‘That’s not like Sara.'”

Scott’s sister didn’t say anything.