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My Dating Adventure

Written from a blog I ran in 2013.

I’ve just celebrated my first year anniversary. And what an amazing year it has been.

Although it has not been as filled with writing as I would always like, I have had plenty of real-life adventures that will surely lend a hand in many writing adventures yet to come.

The greatest moment of my life, thus far, is the day I married Scott Comte.

I remember once, probably seven years ago, I prayed for adventures. I wanted to try new things and go new places. I wanted unique experiences.

My prayers were definitely answered.

I met Scott about two-and-a-half years ago at church. Actually, through a church activity. I knew his sister but not him before that fateful adventure to Lake Powell. He needed a ride and I was driving. So he and another girl, who pretty much slept in the back the entire time, rode with me for five hours.

We had a great time and got to know each other pretty well. We talked of dreams and goals and all that fancy get-to-know-you kind of stuff. It was great.

After the trip, Scott and I became friends. (Five hours is the perfect amount of time for a friendship to form.) We often talked and joked, mostly joked, about different things. We even had a joke that we were going to get married. (This started when Scott proposed to me with a pretzel.) Little did we know that the joke would become a wonderful reality.

Last June, I was planning to move to Michigan and live with my brother. I needed a BIG change, and moving to Michigan sounded like a good one. Scott was going to basic training in a month. So, we were definitely headed in different directions—heading off to our separate adventures.