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I Am Powerful

Say that to yourself. Out loud. "I am powerful." Do you believe it? Do you feel the truth in it? Do you doubt it? Why?

What is power? What does power mean to you? Is power strength? Is it kindness? Is it status? Is it voice? What is it? What does power mean to you? And why don't you think you have it?

Why this matters to me

I have a belief that I am working to correct. That belief is that I am not enough. That I am not what others want. My voice isn't strong enough. It doesn't matter enough. I am not enough and am therefore powerless.

It's a false belief. It's a false belief for me, and it's a false belief for anyone who believes it.

Here's why it's a false belief

God made you the way you are for a reason. He does not make mistakes. Did he make us with weaknesses? 100%, because we need those weaknesses to grow. Because we need those weaknesses to become stronger.

It's like muscle. Muscle is weak at first. Think of a baby. It is weak. It cannot walk. It cannot grasp a spoon. But as the baby grows, he or she works his or her muscle, becoming stronger, developing the muscle, so he or she can do more.

Think of athletes. They didn't start out with the ability they have. Even with natural talent, they had to work and develop their physical and mental muscles. Only through embracing their weaknesses and then working to overcome them have they gotten to where they are.

Think of a potters clay. The clay is weak, moldable. Only though its weakness and malleability is the potter able to turn the clay into a vase or a pot, something the potter meant it to be.

God made us with weaknesses, yes, so we can develop our weaknesses and become stronger, so we can reach the potential He has for us. Weaknesses DO NOT mean we are not enough, that we are powerless. They mean we have the potential to grow, to become something more.