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Hi! I’m Sara Ann Comte. Let Me Introduce Myself.

Hi! I’m Sara Ann Comte. Welcome to my blog and my website. I’m glad you’re here! Maybe you know me. Maybe not. Maybe you do but want to know more. Well, let me introduce myself.

Who is Sara Ann Comte?

The quick answer I place on all my social media profiles is: Author, yogi, and self-love warrior. I am also a wife to an amazing man—Scott—who supports me in all my dreams, mother to a miracle baby, and puppy momma to a cute chihuahua named Obi—yes, after Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I love to write, practice yoga, watch movies with a good story and character development, explore new places, and try new things. I take crazy leaps of faith that sometimes don’t turn out for the best but always give me something incredible to learn.

Sara Ann Comte—Author, Yogi, and Self-Love Warrior

Why do I define myself with these terms?

For a long time I didn’t want to define myself by author AND yogi. I am either an author or a yogi. Those two things couldn’t exist in the same world. They are too different. One requires sitting for long periods of time and imagining new worlds, explaining complex subjects, and thinking a lot about words. The other requires movement and focusing on the here and now. I do both writing and yoga. But I can only focus on one for my career. Right?

And then one day I watched a video of dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling that made me think, “If she can marry dancing and violin and make them compatible, why can’t I marry writing and yoga?”

But how? How do I do it in a way that makes sense for a brand?

The answer: Self-love.

I Am A Self-Love Warrior

I know what it’s like to feel less than—to feel not enough, lacking, unwanted. I’ve felt that way most of my life because of the little confidence I’ve had in myself. But a few years ago, when I hit a low point—quitting my fancy corporate job because of anxiety—I worked hard to find love for myself, true love.

It was through both writing and yoga that I found healing. I swam in words and asanas everyday because it made me feel good. It made me feel smart and beautiful and strong and capable. Through writing fiction and journaling, I found my voice and expression. Through yoga, I did the same in a different way. And I felt more connected to God, feeling my divinity, knowing I’m His daughter and He loves me.

I am a warrior because I work to overcome the negative thoughts everyday. Because self-love is a practice and it takes constant work. Because I have the battle scars and also the strength that only comes from fighting to know I am enough, I am of worth, I can love myself.

I am a self-love warrior.

My Mission and brand

My true goal in my career—this website, my yoga videos, writing, all of it—comes down to this: I want to create content that sparks curiosity, inspiration, self-worth, and action. I want my audience to recognize their own divinity, their infinite worth, their power, their great potential.

My mission is to help women recognize and embrace their divinity. I want you, too, to become self-love warriors, knowing you are full of talent, love, creativity, light, and so much more.

Writing and yoga may seem like two completely different avenues for a person to focus so much on. But these two things have brought me great joy and healing. They are like two strands twining around my heart and soul that have helped me work to become the person I want to be. And I hope by sharing my two great passions, I can help others become the person they want and are meant to be.

Through my blog, you will find content that helps you recognize your divine light. You can learn about write healing power of writing and yoga. And through my Divine Yoga program, you can practice with me.

Other important Sara facts

I have been married to my best friend, my greatest love, Scott N. Comte, for over 11 wonderful years. We have a beautiful daughter who is our miracle because we struggled with infertility for so long. We also have a tiny, forever puppy chihuahua named Obi (yes, after Obi-Wan Kenobi, ’cause we’re total nerds).

I also love chocolate, Spider-Man, cookies, Dr. Pepper, the hot sun, Disneyland, board games, Instagram, blankets, ice cream, and Korean food.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more crazy Sara stuff and all things writing, yoga, and self-love.


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