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Embrace Self Love: Recognize Your Ability, Strength, and Beauty

Sep 2, 2021

It’s here! My new website, blog, and focus. What a journey this has been!

For those who have been here awhile, first, thank you! Your support and love have meant the world. And you know that I’ve been blogging off and on for years, without a real focus. It’s been hard, really hard. I’ve wanted to blog for a long time, but I haven’t been sure what I want to write about. So I dabbled, played, and jumped all over the place.

But now, I’m going full in, becoming a professional blogger, with a true focus, a niche. And I’m so excited to share my content with you!

Finding My Niche

Picking a subject has been hard. I have so many interests, and so many things I want to share. But as I have learned in my over ten years’ experience in the marketing world, you need to stick to a brand. That’s how to you find like-minded people, and truly build an audience.

When I first started blogging years ago, my number one goal was to establish an online presence that would later allow me to market my books. But, I didn’t want to write about writing. To me that meant telling people how to build a story and talk about grammar and all the nerdy jazz. And while I’m a huge nerd when it comes to that stuff–ask my husband, he’ll readily attest to my word and grammar nerdiness–writing about that didn’t interest me. So I just wrote, about anything and everything. And my content has been all over the place.

While building an audience for my books is still important to me, as I’ve gone through a lot of soul searching and life transitions over the last few years, I decided I wanted to make a different impact. I wanted to create content that really matters to me and, hopefully, others.

And I’m happy to say I’ve finally found it.

Helping Female Creatives Embrace Self Love and Recognize Their Ability, Strength, and Beauty

Do you notice that word “creatives” in there? Does it sound familiar?

Remember that time Scott and I started a podcast all about helping others embrace their creativity? And later we started a company called KreatNou, which didn’t last very long?

Well, it’s back! Kind of.

I love talking about creativity. And I loved doing the podcast. Should we bring it back?

The other parts of this mission are things I’ve been semi-talking about on my social media and blog over the last few years. I have wanted to create content especially for women that lifts us up and makes us feel our worth and divine nature.

The “ability, strength, and beauty” part comes from an affirmation that has gotten me through some tough times, more specifically after quitting my last corporate job because of anxiety. I felt like a failure. And I realized that part of my feelings stemmed from not feeling good enough. Not beautiful enough. Not strong enough. So I created an affirmation that I started to say every day as I started my yoga practice. My goal with this affirmation was to rewrite the narrative in my head and help me recognize my ability, strength, and beauty.

The affirmation:

I am beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.

Lifting Women Up

Because this affirmation has helped me so much, and because I have found other tools, thoughts, and things that have helped me love me (self-love for the win!) and feel capable and valued, I want to do the same for other women.

I am a female creative. I love all things creativity. I love singing and baking and some DIYing and crafting and so much more. More specifically I am a writer. Writing is my passion. I would stay in from recess in elementary to finish my stories. I enjoyed all my writing classes and assignments the most in high school. I studied creative writing in college. For years I worked in corporate communications and marketing where I wrote a ton. And I even wrote a short novella and self published it.

But, I have felt the sting of not feeling like I can do it. I still work to overcome those feelings. Can I really write a full-length novel? Are my poems good enough? Do people even find my writing interesting?

I imagine all creatives have those creeping feelings. The difference is whether or not we let those lies stop us from embracing our creative passions. The difference is whether or not we let those lies dictate how we truly feel about ourselves.

I believe self love–growing it, nurturing it, embracing it–can go a long way in helping us overcome those feelings. As we recognize our ability, strength, and beauty, we can move beyond the lies and let ourselves embrace our creativity.

Join Me

I have a lot planned. I’m so excited! 😆

Through my blog and other content you’ll find words and more that are all about lifting you up, in subjects that have helped me recognize my own ability, strength, and beauty:

Yoga and Wellness – Yoga and doing things to better my health have helped me recognize my strength and worth. And it’s scientifically proven that bettering your health also helps your cognitively and mental capacity, which are important to creativity. I share yoga and wellness tips to help you increase that mental capacity so you can recognize your strength and keep creating.

Beauty and Style – When I fully embraced my individual beauty and let myself enjoy my own style, I embraced myself. And this in turn has helped me embrace other parts of myself, including my talents, gifts, and creativity. I share my beauty and style tips, things that have worked for me, in an effort to help you find what works best for you, so you can recognize your individual beauty and amazing self.

Inspiration – We all need those pep talks and inspiring messages. I share my thoughts and messages and expound on others’ thoughts and messages to help motivate you to see your divine nature and worth, so you can better embrace your gifts and keep creating.

Creativity – Creativity is the goal, right? I talk all things creativity, from tips to staying motivated, to trying new creative projects, to highlights of other inspiring creatives, and so much more.

Family – My family has been a huge part of my journey in embracing my creativity and recognizing my ability, strength, and beauty. I talk all things family because we can find great support and inspiration through those close to us, and they can be a big part of helping us recognize our divine potential.

I have so many things planned for this site to help you on your journey. Be sure to check out the shopping pages and stay tuned for some yoga stuff coming in the near future.

And don’t forget to follow me on social (@saraanncomte on Insta and Facebook) where you can get even more of all this awesome inspiration.

Thank you so much for the read and follow. I can’t wait to share more with you!


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