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Dream a Little Dream

May 4, 2021

Do you feel the power of that word? Dream. DREAM. It’s a subtle power. It’s not punching like discover, create, destroy, passion, and cleave. The action associated with the word dream does not create something physical, but it creates possibility. It creates a sense of “I can.” Dream, when given the chance, can become the catalyst to something incredible.

I’ve been thinking about the word dream a lot lately. It could be all the refocusing I’m doing after the closure of KreatNou, a business that Scott and I created that didn’t quite work out. Or it could be something Scott said to me a few weeks ago: “Dreaming has always been a part of our relationship. And I don’t want to see us ever lose that.”

I Love Dreaming

I love dreaming when I’m awake and when I’m asleep. When I was little I was so disappointed when I would wake up and not remember a dream. Dreams were magical and spoke to me. I think if I could have, I would have lived in dreams.

I have the craziest dreams. One time I dreamed I was jumping through tree branched, and I fell and died. And the dream continued with me talking to my mom, the only one who could see me. I, like others, have many dreams in which I can fly. And those are my most loved dreams. Just to be free in the sky, moving through the air—it’s beautiful! I had another dream about holding a sword and calling four “guardians” to protect me—the foundation for a book I’ve been writing.

While awake I have dreamed about being interviewed on Jimmy Fallon or Good Morning America for my recently published book. I’ve dreamed about going to book signings. I’ve dreamed about what my house will be like when we are someday finished with all the renovations. I dream about visiting Europe and South Korea with Scott.

I dream a lot. I can’t help it. And I can’t stop. And I don’t want to.

I Believe Dreaming Is Power

I imagine it like a superpower. If not realized, it does nothing for you. It remains dormant. But if you focus on that power and allow it to manifest, it can do amazing things for you.

Dreams Are the Catalyst to More

Dreams are the foundation for something greater, and they get us to that next level. They help us realize what can be. And if we take that leap, and put action into our dreams, imagine what could be!

Dreams Improve Our Imagination

Yes, we need our imagination. Imagination helps us solve problems and think outside the box. And a great way to improve on that thinking brain, is to exercise dreaming, allowing yourself to think all possibilities, even the impossible ones.

Dreams Teach Us about Our True Desires

When we dream, we learn about ourselves. We learn what makes us happy and what we truly want. This can lead to us making new goals for ourselves or realizing some things in our lives are worth letting go to make room for the things we truly want.

Dreams Can Be Manifesting

I say “can be” because manifesting requires an extra step of embracing and truly desiring a thing. So if you embrace your dream of dancing on stage, you start to use the power of manifesting. Keep it up. Work at it. Make goals. You’ll get there.

Dream a Little Dream

Dreams are powerful. I’ll keep saying it. DREAMS ARE POWERFUL!

Let yourself dream. Let yourself imagine. Let your imagination run wild, thinking of the mythical and magical and impossible. And allow yourself to feel it is possible. Then you can find a way to make it come true.

I believe in the power of dreams, because dreams allow us to soar high above the boxes and confines of this world. We need more dreamers, more people to believe that anything is possible.



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