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An Adventure Wedding

From an old blog I used to manage.

With an “official” engagement at the end of December and a wedding two weeks into February, I had to get going on a lot of projects.

Scott and I had chosen a Vintage Travel theme for our wedding. The travel part represented who we are—full of adventure with a desire to travel and see the world. The vintage just makes everything look more artistic and rustic and gives it that extra elegance that a wedding needs. Plus, we both love vintage.

Things To Be Done and Prepared

“We” would be me and my mom. My mom was excited for the vintage travel wedding, as evidenced by the vintage suitcases and travel models (airplanes, cars, etc.) that she bought. But also part of the “vintage wedding” was my wedding dress, and, yes, my mom made it. She’s pretty much amazing!

One great adventure was finding material for the dress. I was not much of a lace person until my wedding. I hated lace when I was a little girl in the 80s and 90s when lace was everywhere. But, for this vintage wedding I wanted lace. And you’d be surprised that in my home state, with all the fabric stores, bridal lace is hard to find.

Through the luck of Yelp, we found a little shop called Tissú Fine Fabrics and Design—cutest fabric and design store ever! As soon as I walked in the shop I found the perfect lace. Beautiful!

My mom also made the bridesmaid dresses (all three of them), the aprons, and the table cloths. Really, my mom is amazing!

This wedding required a lof of fun decorating so there was a lot of gathering of display pieces and crafting of others to be done. We had the reception in the gym of the church where Scott and I met, and were pretty creative in how we used the space.