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You Have a Story

Oct 23, 2020

You have a story.

Yes. I’m talking to you—you, the reader of this blog.

I’m not talking about creative stories; although, if you have some that is awesome! I’m talking about your personal, unique story, about you.

So, what is your story?

Don’t know?

Not sure?

You think your life is boring?

Oh, it’s not.

I Think My Life Is Boring

It’s true. I think my life is pretty boring. I don’t go on fancy vacations or high adventures or meet celebrities or work with a bunch of awesome goofballs—not anymore anyway. You know what my days look like most days?

  1. Wake up

  2. Go to yoga

  3. Eat breakfast

  4. Skype Scott

  5. Get ready for the day

  6. Start working/writing

  7. Take a break for lunch

  8. Work/write some more

  9. Make dinner

  10. Eat dinner

  11. Relax—read a book, watch something, enjoy my balcony, etc.

  12. Get ready for bed

  13. Facetime Scott

  14. Read scriptures

  15. Sleep

  16. Start again

And somewhere in there are a bunch of tasks of taking Obi outside to do his doggy business.

Boring? Well, it seems pretty uninteresting to me.

But there are some interesting things that happen in there, some mini stories that may be worth mentioning.

The Mini Stories

Mini stories are the little experiences, the almost inconsequential moments, that bring a smile to your face, or make you think, or bring those feelings—you know those feelings. They’re things like:

  1. Your child saying the cutest, funniest thing—for the mommas out there

  2. Your dog barking again when you leave the house because he’s upset you’re leaving without him—true story, every time!

  3. A kiss on the cheek from your significant other that stays with you for hours

  4. That thing your significant other said that makes you blush for hours

  5. The news your doctor gave you that wasn’t so pleasant—not all mini stories are the best

  6. The line in your latest book obsession that made you chuckle

  7. Your co-worker swearing up a storm in his/her office while you’re outside giggling

  8. That small gift from your employee that made your day

  9. That cake you made that turned out amazing

  10. The train that shook the building as it rode past

  11. The amazing boots you found on Amazon and how you found them

  12. The good cry you had after yoga

  13. The Dr. Pepper you sipped that wasn’t Dr. Pepper—gross!

  14. The fun lunch you had with your friends

  15. The movie you saw that made you feel you can now do anything—exactly how I felt after I saw the most recent Spider-Man movie

This list can get out of control very quickly.

My point here is that when I look at my day in tasks, my day feels very insignificant, void of story. But when I look at my day in moments, I see mini stories, things to remember, even the hard ones.

The Bigger Stories

Bigger stories are not just little moments. They can be

  1. Things in your life that happened over a period of time

  2. A bigger memory that spanned more than a few seconds or minutes

  3. A journey you went on—fitness, health, mental, career, etc.

  4. Something you learned that spawned thoughts, feelings, new experiences

Of course, I can tell you these things, but it’s still hard to see where your stories are. Believe me. I have and still struggle with this. It’s hard for me to see what parts of my life are interesting, where the story is.


Here Are a Few Examples from My Life

My stories include

  1. Disappointment from not dating a lot—before I found the love of my life and got married

  2. Online dating and making friends with a guy in Texas—again before I met Scott

  3. How I fell in love with Scott

  4. When I got my dog

  5. Those many times I was hurt by close friends in high school

  6. Those times I hurt close friends in high school

  7. That really embarrassing time I split the butt of my dress before going on stage

  8. Scott’s deployment

  9. My anxiety attack that led to quitting my job

  10. My author journey

  11. My health journey

  12. Falling in love with yoga

  13. Moving again and again and again

  14. Buying my first house

  15. Finding out I have endometriosis

  16. My infertility journey

The most interesting thing about putting together this list is that as I wrote, I thought of more things.


A Little Exercise

You have a story. Really. It’s true.

So, put it to the test. Find a piece of paper, or the note app in your phone, and begin a list. Start with something simple. Maybe having a baby or the hospital visit. Use my list; steal some things from it if they relate to you.

You could also add

  1. Your first kiss

  2. Getting your first car

  3. Seeing a drive-in movie—those were around when I was super little and I thought they were the bomb (also a word from my younger days that I’m not sure is cool these days)

  4. Singing in the choir

  5. Your experience writing a story

  6. Your first job

I can go on with all the ideas. But for you to discover your story, you have to do the exercise yourself.

Once you’ve done it, if you want to share a few parts of your list, I’d love to see what you’ve got. Please leave a comment.


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