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The Official Engagement Story

Ooh, it’s engagement time!

If you haven’t already, check out the stories on how we met, our year of friendship, our first date, our crazy road trip to Utah Lake, and our unofficial engagement.

The story begins just after Scott left for basic training.

He left, and a month later I left to Michigan, where I stayed with my brother and his family, helping out a bit, working remotely, all that jazz.

While Scott was in basic, he called me every Sunday. He got five minutes to call his family. He called his parents really quick, then called me and used most of his allotted time to talk to me. 🙂 I waited for those calls every week.

We also wrote letters. I wrote him a lot—a lot.

In September, he graduated basic training and he wanted me to come. So, I planned a trip with his parents. The plan was to stay in the same hotel and share a care and make things more convenient.

September came. I flew from Michigan. Scott’s parents flew from Utah. We met in the San Antonio airport and made our way to our hotel. (Side note: I love the way the freeway is built in San Antonio. Very convenient.)

The next day, we excitedly and eagerly made our way to the training base. A whole program was planned. We watched the trainees take a lap around the base. We watched the graduating ceremony. It was a little long. And I couldn’t take my eyes off my man. He looked so cute and handsome in his uniform.

Finally, at the end of the ceremony, I followed Scott’s dad from the bleachers and we went to tap him out of line so he could greet us. His hug—oh, it was one of the best hugs ever! I missed him so much. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I was enveloped in his embrace.

And I wanted to kiss him so much!

But not yet.