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The Biggest Lie: I'm Not Creative


You've heard it. You've possibly said it. Or maybe you've thought it. You know the phrase: "I'm not creative."

It's a LIE!

Why do you think you are not creative? Is it because you can't paint as well as that person? Is it because you can't sing as well? Is it because you're unsure how to decorate a space? Or maybe you're not interested in crafts?

Those things do not make you creative. Just because you're not good at one thing or don't like one thing, does not mean you are not creative. On the contrary, YOU. ARE. CREATIVE.

You, Not Creative? It's a Lie!

Here's the test. Answer truthfully to the following questions:

  1. Have you ever planned anything--maybe a social event or a meeting or a presentation and put some kind of effort into it to ensure it's entertaining, good, explanatory, etc.?

  2. Have you ever told a lie with expounded story (I'm not talking about answering yes or no to a question)?

  3. Have you ever had an idea to do something adventurous like go on a hike or explore a cave or swim in the ocean?

  4. Do you like traditional creative things (art, written works, music, etc.) for their artistic nature?

  5. Do you day dream about doing something creative (baking a pie, playing the piano, building a table, scrapbooking, etc.)?

  6. Are you a problem solver at work or in your daily life?

  7. Have you ever had an idea to do something in a different way?

If you answered yes to any of these (and I'm sure you did, unless you're lying to yourself some more) then you are creative. At least you have a creative mind.

The difference between you, if you're stuck in this lie, and those the world deems "creative," those you deem "creative," is that those people put their creativity into action and they embrace it for the mere fact that they enjoy it and want to keep growing.

In truth, a lot of creativity is combining curiosity and action.