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The following is a raw poem. One thing I've noticed in the last few years: I've let the world dictate my thoughts on what I should be doing with my time. I have not given myself over to pure creativity, to taking a thought and letting myself run with its imagination. I'm relearning, reteaching myself to create for the sake of creation.

I used to write stories and poems out of boredom and stillness. I don't do that anymore. Or, I didn't do it for a long time, and now I'm starting to again.

Honestly, this post came out the desire to write a blog post but not knowing what to write about. And the word "stillness' kept coming to mind. I wrote this word in my journal this morning as a word to focus on throughout the day, because when we find stillness and allow our minds to let go of all the stuff, we find enlightenment and creativity.

At first, when I opened up this page to write, I felt frustrated because a clear thought for a blog post wouldn't come to mind.I felt I had nothing to say, nothing to write. And then I erased the words I was pushing out of my fingers and allowed the thoughts and creativity to flow out of stillness, out of listening to my heart.

This poem is raw. I went back and edited only to insert punctuation. I hope you enjoy it!





I sit in my beach chair

On the side

Of the backyard pool.

I write,

I ponder,