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Seven: Chapter 4

“How so?” I asked.

At first, Seven didn’t say anything. He looked at his hands, as if studying them.

“How so?” I demanded again. “How can you, who looks like a slave here, help me?”

“I’m not a slave,” Seven said quietly.

“No? Then what are you?”

Seven drew in a long breath and slowly let it out. “I’m, well…” He paused. “I was supposed to be a minister, but…”

“A minister?” I questioned and laughed

Seven scowled. “I’m supposed to be a seven!” He narrowed his eyes at me then looked away, seemingly upset.

I rolled my eyes and asked, “What is a seven?”

Without looking at me, he answered, “I already said, it’s a seventh daughter, or son, of a seventh daughter, or son.”

“So are you?”

“Am I what?”

Wow, he was being obstinate.

“Are you a seventh son of a seventh son?” I asked.