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My 5 Feel Beautiful Tips

Does it seem like sometimes it's hard to feel beautiful? Maybe you wake up in the morning and that feeling of beauty just doesn't exist, it seems foreign?

I'll rase my hand. I've been there--many times.

I truly wish that I could wake up feeling beautiful every day. Maybe it would give me more motivation. Maybe it would make me more ready to face the world. Maybe... maybe... maybe...

That feeling of beauty may not be readily accessible all the time, it's true. But we can access that feeling. And I'm not talking about dressing in all the glam and makeup, unless that's your style, see below. I'm talking about ways to feel your beauty that already exists. Because you are beautiful, even when you don't feel it.

So let's get you to feel it.

These Are My 5 Feel Beautiful Tips

1. Own Your Style

You have a beautiful style. You know why?

  1. You chose it.

  2. It makes you feel a certain way, a good way.

  3. It's you--it represents who you are.

I think sometimes we are afraid to own our style, to embrace the style we love. Maybe we're worried about what others may think. Maybe we worry about feeling like an imposter. Maybe we have been hurt before by others when we have tried embracing our style.