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It’s Been a Few Years Since I Published Brita On Fire, Book 1 – Now What?

It all started with a pickle, a silly pickle and a story I started for a creative writing class back in college. Little did I know that story would turn into Brita On Fire, a tale not about a pickle, but about a girl on a journey to embrace her self, in all her flaws and gifts.

Publishing Brita on Fire

A Few Years Since I Published Brita On Fire, Book 1

I can’t remember how many years it’s been since I first published Brita On Fire and made it available through Amazon. Honestly, that time in my life is a huge blur. I published the book during a time of great stress and anxiety. I self-published the book because I needed to feel accomplished at something, like I could do what I’ve always wanted to do–write and publish books.

So I worked to publish it, at first with a horrible cover. And later with a beautiful cover by Sydney Christensen.

Since publishing the book, I have had amazing support from family and friends who have read it and encouraged me to write the next novella. Have I even started? Oh, yes. So why isn’t it out yet? Great question. Biggest reason: it’s not ready. I haven’t devoted a ton of time to it because I have a bigger project that has been on my heart and mind for years that needs to get out first. Will the second book ever come? Yes. For sure. I won’t forget it. I promise.

Have You Read the Book?

Maybe this is the first you’ve heard of it. Or maybe you’ve read it.

A couple years ago I decided to read it for a little talent show my yoga teacher training class put on at the end of the month-long training. The best compliment I have ever received: “I can’t help looking at you a little differently. Who knew such a darkness lived inside that quiet person?”

If you’re looking for a happy book, Brita On Fire is not that book. It does not have a fairytale ending. And there is sadness throughout. Be warned.

But, I will forever love Brita because she helped push me to do something scary. She helped me put myself out there, however small her story is.

Intrigued? Maybe this will perk your interests a bit more… Keep reading –>

Excerpt from Brita On Fire, Book 1

I waited and waited for my dad to return. After an hour I told myself he would be back soon. After three hours I told myself he needed more time to think. After eight hours I told myself he was taking care of funeral plans. When dark covered the sky, I knew he wasn’t coming back.

I began to shake. Tears gushed down my face, and when I brought my hand to wipe the tears away, I saw the sight I never wanted to see again–sparks shooting from my fingertips. I tried to calm myself by taking deep, long breaths. But my heart was beating fast. I watched as the sparks ignited my entire hand with a low flame.

I needed to put out the fire fast. Knowing the fire would not harm me, I cupped my other hand over the top of the flame, but it ignited too. My heart beat like a wild drum. What could I do?

“Water!” I screamed. I ran to the bathroom, jumped in the shower, and turned on the faucet.

As the water poured out, the flames quickly extinguished. I sank to the shower floor and began to cry, again. I couldn’t leave the shower for fear the flames would start again. I was exhausted and I wanted so badly to sleep. Mom told me once, or maybe more, never to fall asleep in the shower or bathtub. But I didn’t care. If I drowned, the fire would be gone for good.

Ready for more? Check out my book here and get either the Kindle or paperback version.

And thank you, thank you to everyone who has shown so much love and support for this little novella and Brita who needs a lot of encouragement to embrace and love herself.


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