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Embrace the Things You Love

Note to self: Being creative isn't always about the act of creating. It's surrounding yourself with things that you love, with things that inspire you, with things that remind you it's okay to be you and enjoy the things you do. It's about embracing your true self.

Yes, this is an actual note to myself.


I have been having some interesting realizations about myself lately. The one I want to bring up here: I like what I like and that's okay. What I like inspires me. It makes me feel beauty, peace, happiness, joy, etc.

I am 36-years-old and I have been afraid to like certain things for two reasons:

  1. Everyone likes that thing and I don't want to look like I'm just following the crowd

  2. No one likes that thing for blah, blah reason so maybe they're right

I think these thoughts stem back to my high school days. They kinda contradict each other a bit, don't they? They don't make sense for someone my age, I know. But it's the way I've functioned. And really, I'm sure I'm not the only one with underlying issues in regard to forming opinions.

That's why I'm embracing that note to self and writing this blog post.

It's Okay to Like Stuff

It seems dumb to me to have to tell myself this after 36 years, but as I've tried to embrace this thought, I've found more happiness in my surroundings. I find more happiness in letting myself be me. I also find myself more open to creativity.

The things you like make you you. They make you uniquely you. And you are beautiful. When you accept that, you open yourself to new and more possibilities.