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Cow – A Poem

Jun 15, 2021

So… I was obsessed with cows when I was younger. But not obsessed in the way you would think. Honestly, I don’t like cows that much. I think they smell and their tongues weird me out. But, for some dumb reason, I always made up silly songs about cows. Really. Ask one of my high school friends. They will probably tell you how annoying it was.

That strange obsession made its way to some of my college years where I wrote this poem. What do you think?


Your creator

Has honored you

By spotting you with paint.

But you,

Tree stump,

With cowboy eyes,

Glaze your mind

And continue

In your gluttonous chewing,

Chomping cud,

Letting the grass

Dribble over your lips.

Letting your food processor,

Distract you

From the greener grass,

Where the greens are sweeter

And the grub more tender.

With an IQ of twenty

And a mass of one thousand,

You don’t’ notice,

Don’t consider

The paradise

That lay beyond.

This is how you will live—

An ornamental rock

In a forest of weeds,

Casting a shadow

For all the bugs below.

And not even a swift kick

Could make your mooing

Scream to the moon,

The place you dreamed

Once before.

© S. Ann Comte, 11 February 2014

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