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Your Yoga Is Your Story; So Gear Up

One of the things I love most about yoga is that it's all about you and your journey. It's not about the instructor. It's not about the other students in class. It's about you. And the way you move and progress through your practice is uniquely centered on you. You don't have to worry about anyone else but you and how your body feels.

Your Yoga Is Your Story

You might not think it, but there is story in yoga--it's your journey. It starts with how you got there. Maybe a friend invited you to a class, or maybe you decided to try it in college or at a free workshop at work. Or maybe you thought it would be a great way to stretch your body after recovering from childbirth.

Your story progresses as you begin to love yoga and embrace it and do more. It journeys through your inflexibility to more flexible, your imbalance to balance, your confusion of a pose to understanding, and so on.

Your story is beautiful and powerful, because it's your story, it's your journey. And it doesn't matter where everyone else is or isn't, what matters is how you're listening to your body and how you're embracing movement and meditation.

A Good Story Needs Gear

Yes, you are the hero of your yoga story. And I want and hope for you to keep succeeding, to keep going, to keep progressing. And with any good story, you must have lots of helps along the way: A mentor, tools, cheerleaders, things and people to help you keep going and continue to progress.

My advice: Find a good studio or instructor who can help you progress. Make yogi friends who can be your cheerleader, and whom you can cheer for. And get good gear. Good gear makes a difference as you progress in poses, try new poses, and become more flexible. Yes, even if you have the tightest muscles when you begin, yoga will help you loosen those stiff muscles.

Gear Up with My Favorite Yoga Products

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