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The Story of Milky-White the Cow, Part 2

Oct 5, 2020

Aw. I see you are back for more. You want to know what more there could be to the story of Milky-White and Leonard’s family.

Well, okay, I’ll tell you.

Milky-White was happy indeed. She was with people who treated her well and knew what she needed.

And Leonard and his family were happiest of all. They had fine food, a healthy homestead, and a lively cat.

But—and there is always a but—sometimes good comes with bad.

Milky-White and her miracle milk was a good thing. And Leonard knew just how to make it even better.

For the rest of the day, Leonard and his children petted, fed, and read stories to Milky-White to keep her happy.

The next day, Leonard milked the miracle cow and put her miracle milk into bottles that his wife had carefully branded with “Leonard’s Miracle Milk.” Then Leonard kissed his wife, patted his children’s heads, and set off for the road where he had traded three beans for a miracle cow.

As Leonard sat on the side of the road with his miracle milk, an old man, a mother and child, a merchant, a farmer, and a young man all walked by and scoffed at his miracle milk. “There is no such thing,” they all said.

“You just have to try it and see,” he replied.

“Then show me now,” they said.

“It’s not instantaneous. You have to leave it overnight.”

“Ha!” they laughed and walked away.

After a few hours of being mocked and laughed at, Leonard decided to pack up and go home. But just as he stood up, a young girl and her father approached.

“Miracle milk!” the girl exclaimed. “Daddy, please, can I have some?”

The father looked tired, ready to fall in the street and nap right there. He tried to drag his daughter away, but she stood firm and would not budge. To get her to move, he threw a few coins at Leonard, grabbed a bottle, took hold of his daughter, and left.

Leonard walked home with his head hanging low. His kids tried to cheer him up and his wife complained about people’s lack of faith. Leonard listened with a fake grin then fed Milky-White and went to bed.

The next morning, Leonard was slow to get moving. His wife packed a lunch and his kids milked the cow and bottled fresh miracle milk. Once everything was ready, the family pushed Leonard out the door and pointed his feet toward the road.

As Leonard walked slowly, feeling the dread that would be his day, he heard a noise coming from the road ahead. He picked up his pace to see what the commotion was, and to his surprise he found a line waiting for him and his miracle milk.

He learned quickly that the little girl from the night before had sprinkled miracle milk all over her mother’s dying house plants and on her father’s calloused feet. When the family woke this morning, the plants were healthy, thriving, and growing tall and her father’s feet were smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom.

The father wanted more miracle milk and he wanted his entire family to have some, and they wanted their friends to have some. So here they were.

Leonard sold fifteen small bottles that day.

It’s pretty good, right? The story? You’re not seeing the bad yet?

The clues are right there.

Need a hint?

People are never satisfied with what they can get, especially when it’s a miracle. Leonard was getting good business. By the end of the day, he already had fifty more customers lined up for the next day’s milk. The people were getting their miracles and were always ready for more. And Milky-White was finally happy and enjoyed the children as they sang and read stories to her each day.

What bad could possibly happen?

You’ll have to wait and see. 😉


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