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Seven: Prologue

Jan 7, 2020


I looked up from my food to see Seven running at full speed in my direction.

“Why?” I mumbled through a mouthful of meat—I wasn’t sure what I was eating but it was delicious.

Seven sped past me before realizing I wasn’t following. Grumbling, he rushed back and yanked my arm, forcing me to stand and drop my food to the white sand.

“Now it’s ruined,” I scowled. That was the best food I’d had in days.

“Pick your girly butt up and run. Now!”

I looked to the opposite direction, again wondering what Seven could possibly be running from. Nothing. But he continued to yank on my arm.

“I’m not carrying you,” he said.

“There’s nothing there,” I growled, gesturing with my arm.

Seven sighed deeply, then shouted, inches from my ear, “When someone tells you to run while they are running, looking as scared as I am right now, you don’t ask why and just sit there.” His eyes bore into mine, trying to communicate the seriousness of the situation. Okay, I’d play along. Although, now that he mentioned it, he did look pretty scared.

I shrugged and took off. I didn’t run with the same intensity as Seven, but sprinted as if competing in a track race. Seven caught up and easily surpassed me.

I looked behind me again, expecting to see nothing, just as before. With wide eyes, I realized why Seven looked so frightened. Maybe a little over a mile out were a group of royal vehicles racing in our direction.

I turned back around and ran harder. “We’re not going to make it,” I panicked.

I couldn’t see it but I felt Seven roll his eyes. Without saying anything, he veered right. I followed. Out of the corner of my eyes, I peeked a look in the direction of the vehicles. They were maybe half a mile out now. Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed Seven’s arm. As we ran, our surroundings changed as if passing through fog. One second we were running through the dessert as more than a dozen royal vehicles sped toward us. The next second, we were in a large baseball field, right in the middle of a game.

Seven and I came to a halt just as a ball hit the side of my head. I grabbed my head as my ear began to throb. “Ow.”

“Get off the field!” someone shouted from the sidelines.

Realizing this was not the best place to figure out what just happened, I grabbed Seven’s arm and pulled him away from the game.

Once on the other side of the fence, Seven brushed off my arm and looked at me. “Willa, what just happened?”

“Um, I’m not sure. But I think we made it to my world.”

Seven looked around. “This is your world?”

I nodded, watching him carefully, wondering what he was thinking.


If you’re not much of a reader but love story, check out this video:


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