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Practice Self Love: Love Your Everything

Hi, I'm Sara and I struggle with self love.

It may not seem like it on the outside. I dare say that many of us actually struggle with some form of self love but we know how to hide it well. I've struggled with it for as long as I can remember—not feeling good enough, not feeling like I matter enough, not feeling like I'm enough. Maybe that's because we live in a world full of comparisons. We compare ourselves to the popular girls or the smart girls or the rich girls. We compare ourselves to those who seem successful or talented, not realizing that we carry our own talents and our own importance.

In the past few years I've come to realize how important self love is—at least the practice of it. I don't know if we ever become perfect at loving ourselves, but we can practice and learn to love ourselves a little better every day.

That's why I feel so compelled to write and talk about self love, why I like to think of myself as a self-love advocate. As I've learned to love myself more, I've wanted to share that love with others. I want to help others—you—know how incredibly amazing you are, because I see it. I see your talent, your kindness, your sacrifices, your bravery—things that you may have a hard time seeing in yourself.

This month, I'm focusing on "Love Your Everything," because even though that can seem a little daunting to take it all in at once and love everything about ourselves, it's a great introduction to what I want to instill in your mind and my heart. Eventually, we'll get to a place where we love ourselves a little more, where we see our flaws as good things, to help us grow. Where we see our talents and potential and recognize our divine worth.

All it takes is practice. A little every day. Practice self love so you can come to love your everything.

Here are some stories and thoughts to help inspire you:

Not Good Enough

In high school I tried out for a 1-act play that was meant for a regional competition. When the results of the tryouts came back, I received the role of assistant director, not a roll in the play, just someone to help the director.

The director, my drama teacher, later told me the reason I got the assistant director role was because I was too short to pa