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My Story

I'm Sara Ann Comte, author and yogi, enjoying life embracing my two greatest passions. 

WHY WRITING? I'm in love with the power of a great story. I love story in all it's forms, and devour an incredible book, movie, or TV show. Since a little girl, I have been called to the writing side of storytelling. I enjoy typing away at my computer, creating sentences and paragraphs that make up an adventurous tale full of intrigue, emotion, exciting characters, learning, and growth.

WHY YOGA? It's my saving grace, my form of creative movement that has helped me become more in tune with both my body and mind. I believe yoga makes me a better creative, and it helps me embrace me the way I am. It's taught me acceptance, patience, love, grace, truth, and creativity.


I Wrote a Book!


A short novella about a girl who discovers an ability that devastates her family. After years of living with grief and guilt, she must overcome her fear of self and embrace her ability in order to escape a dark fate. 

A Few of My Favorite Things

Because it's all part of the creative process, sharing what I love. And these are no exception.

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