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The Story of Milky-White the Cow, Part 3

As we left off, Milky-White was happy, Leonard was happy, Leonard’s family was happy, and all the people who had bought Leonard’s Miracle Milk were happy. It’s a happy story, right?


Every day for a week, Leonard sold 50 bottles of his miracle milk. Each morning, Leonard would milk the cow, have his wife bottle the milk, and walk down to the road where a hundred or so people waited in line—all hoping to get a bit of that amazing miracle milk. Unfortunately, Milky-White could only produce so much milk each day, so many people walked away empty handed. Leonard walked away with an overstuffed purse of coins.

After a week, Leonard noticed scuffles in the line about who was first and who should go to the end of the line. Many of those in the back of the line made their way to the front and yelled at those getting their bottles of miracle milk: “You were in the front yesterday!” “Stop being selfish and let those who haven’t got some yet get some today!” “I saw you cut in line!” And those in the front of the line stuck out their tongues and sneered at those in the back of the line as they headed back home.

One day, as Leonard reached the road to start his selling, an angry group of people in the back of the line threw produce at Leonard, claiming it was meant to get his attention, and beckoned him to start the selling at the end of the line. Leonard, not opposed to mixing things up and not wanting to fight with the produce-throwing buyers, complied, to the chagrin of those in the front of the line.

The next day, Leonard’s path to the road was blocked by two oversized boys with axes.

“What’s going on?” Leonard asked innocently.

“Pa says you can’t get through unless you hand us some of that miracle milk first,” the tallest boy said.