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Somebody - A Poem

The following is a poem I wrote in college. I believe the poem emerged from an exercise we did in a poetry writing class. It has become one of my favorite poems because it's me. It describes how I felt about myself at the time.

What do you think?


I seek for creation,

but in the meantime, I abuse the habit of perfection.

Round blue eyes, rough fingers, pigmy size body.

Animal? Yes!

Stubby fingers tap, pound, thrum against the desk.

I wait for truth. I wait for creation.

Yet, in the meantime I am discovered daydreaming:

All mountains erupt with lava and flying rocks.

Stop! Remember perfection.

Protruding mouth conceals an under bite and crooked teeth.

I yearn for truth. I yearn for creation.

A mystery may be hidden, but it is controlled through practice.

Lights, large pictures, lipstick.