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Seven: Chapter 1

The ball park, luckily, was in my town. We were lucky we didn’t end up in some random part of the world. I was still very confused about how this whole traveling between worlds thing was actually happening.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

I’m Willa Thompson, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Yes. I’m the youngest of seven girls, and my mother was also the youngest of seven girls. Why is that important? We’ll get to that.

While the rest of my siblings were off in college or working on their careers or taking care of families, I was home with my parents, focusing on my senior year of high school. My plan: to make it the best year EVER!

Okay, so my definition of best year ever might be a little different than yours. As much as I like to party and do all the stuff that teenagers do… who am I kidding; I didn’t get invited to those things. Well, not since Cami York kicked me out of the group.

Side story: Cami York was the most popular girl in school. I used to be her best friend. Since kindergarten, we did everything together—EVERYTHING—like dance class, talent shows, dating (we made every date a double), track, yearbook, student council, you name it. We were inseparable, well, until jerk face Brad Howard came along. Yes. He was a jerk. Well, he was more than that, but I’m trying to be clean—you know, for the kiddos.

Anywho, Brad was dating Cami and he tried to hit on me. Believe what you will, but I’m a good friend. I turned him down. So he told Cami I tried to make out with him. I’ve never seen her so upset. And, even though I’ve been friends with her for over 11 years, she wouldn’t believe a word I said. She called me out in front of our little squad and threw me out of the group. No one wanted to be friends with me after that, not when Cami disapproved, which meant no parties.

I was mad, of course. I was lonely, yep. I was devastated. I faked being sick for over a weak, before my mom found me out and made me get back to school. Moms, am I right? This is where I eye roll, peeps.

When I went back to school, it was like I was invisible. No one looked at me as I walked down the hall. No one talked to me in class. No one sat by me at lunch. Someone actually sat on me, like I wasn’t there. So weird and horrifying and embarrassing.

And through it all, Cami giggled and laughed and gave me the worst looks. When did she become so…. I can’t say the word.