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Peter Pan, Pixie Dust, and Flying Lesson Obsessions

Did you have a childhood obsession? Maybe you were fixated on a thing happening that was impossible to happen?

My obsession: Believing Peter Pan would come and take me to Neverland.

How Did It Start?

Did it start with a book? Or a movie? I believe it was the movie Hook, starring Robin Williams. Have you seen it?

No, it was the video recording of the play. I watched part of it one night as I kept an icepack pressed against my head--keeping down the swelling I had received from falling from the top bunk of the bed my sister and I shared.

Or did it start from something else?

I honestly don't remember.

What I do remember: I was obsessed with flying, with Tinker Bell sprinkling me with pixie dust, and Peter Pan taking my hand, leading me off to Neverland.

Calling On Peter Pan

I wasn't completely alone in my obsession. My childhood friend loved the idea of flying off to Neverland as much as I did. After school, we would cross the street from her house the church parking lot and twirl in circles, calling Tinker Bell to come sprinkle us with her magic dust.