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How I Stay Creative when the Negative Thoughts Arise

I sat at my desk staring at the words I had written. Something was missing. The story wasn't flowing. I'd worked on this for over a year. I saw a flaw and fixed it. I saw another flaw and fixed that. But the story was still off. Why? I thought I was a good writer. But this... Does this prove otherwise?

My mind quickly filled with doubt and negative thoughts: You're a horrible writer. You have no idea what you're doing. This story sucks. You've failed.

My heart hurt. My frustration grew. And I thought, just for a moment, "Should I give up?"

Oh those pesky, annoying, mean negative thoughts. They ruin a lot. They create distraction and heartache and worry and questioning. They sow seeds of doubt that make us wonder if what we're doing, what we're creating, is worth it, good, or interesting. They create thoughts of quitting and giving up.

Should we, when the those negative thoughts smother us? Should we quit? Should we give up? Should we stop creating?

Absolutely not!

Everyone has these thoughts. EVERYONE. Even the most successful creators: Actors, directors, artists, writers, chefs, bakers, musicians... EVERYONE. The difference is that they kept going. They overcame, and continue to overcome, the negative thoughts so they can continue doing what they're meant to do--create.

How I Overcome The Negative Thoughts and Stay Creative

This list does not always come easy to me. And, I'll be honest, sometimes I let the negative thoughts get the better of me. But I can't help but create. It calls to me. And I must listen. So I have to overcome those negative thoughts so I can keep creating.