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How I Practice Self Love—An Ultimate Guide

Why does self love mean so much to me?

There have been many times in my marriage when Scott and I have both looked at each other and said, "If only you could see what I see." In both our minds we were thinking, "If only you could see how talented and gifted you are. If only you could see the amazing potential and intelligence you have. If only you could see your beauty and strength. If only you could see your worth to the world."

We have a hard time looking at ourselves through positive and appreciating lenses. We have a hard time seeing ourselves as we are—beautiful, strong, capable, talented, of great worth. Why?

Part of it comes from the confusing lessons we learn at a young age. Appreciate what you have, but don't brag. Recognize your talents, but be humble. These things aren't necessarily bad. But we learn them in the wrong way. We learn that not bragging and being humble means putting ourselves down, making ourselves feel smaller, diminishing our worth. And soon we start to believe the opposite of what people tell us. We aren't pretty or smart or strong or capable.

My heart hurts at these words. They are wrong. WRONG! Because you are beautiful and smart and strong and capable. You are of great worth, of divine origin, meant to shine!

I am on a journey, much like many of you, to embrace self love, to love myself, to appreciate who I am as a unique individual. I'm done listening to the lies. I am beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.

This week I wrote a list of things that I do to practice self love, and then I broke them into five different categories. Below is my ultimate guide to how I practice self love.

Sara's Ultimate Guide to Practicing Self Love

If you've been around for a while, you know my mantra is:

I am beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.

I came up with this mantra a few years ago, when I really needed to feel my worth. It was during this time that I went through the best transformation mentally to better apprec