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HI! I'M —

Sara Ann Comte





A Bit About Me

About Writing

I have been writing since I was a kid, staying in from recess to put the finishing touches on my story, playing "author" in my room, and staying up late to write the stories in my head. 


It's the magic of story that attracts me—the what if, the possibilities, the magic, the adventure into the unknown, the growth from those adventures, and the creation of interesting characters. 


About Yoga

Yoga is my favorite form of creative movement and meditation because it quiets the mind, sculpts the body, and teaches me about letting go of the ego so I can focus on the present.


Yoga helped me find self love when I needed it most, helping me recognize my beauty, strength, and ability. I teach yoga with that purpose: To help others find peace, purpose, worth, and growth through a beautiful, creative practice. 


I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, teaching mainly online through free videos and paid events. Look for a new event coming soon.


About Creativity

I love all things creative. So much so that I want to try and do all the creative things. And I see nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, I think it's a beautiful desire. As my husband put it, I'm most happy when I'm creating.

I believe we were meant to be creative. As children of God, it's in our divine nature. And I want to celebrate not only my creativity but the creativity of others.​

Creativity is essential to life.​​

Just imagine what life could be like if we fully embraced creativity! ​

Creativity is lost only because we look past it, down play it, ignore it. We let our fear of the opinions of others guide us instead of traveling the paths that are right and ready for us to explore. We let self doubt and fear of the unknown hinder the creativity that is itching, scratching, knocking, banging to get out.

We let laziness and the fear of imperfection keep us from doing that thing, living that way, appreciating what is placed in front of us. Sometimes we are fearful of creativity because it's unknown, it could lead to failure, it's not easy, it doesn't always work out the way we hope. 

But why?

We can't get better if we don't try. We can't discover if we don't seek. We can't understand if we don't study. Dreams are just dreams because they are never put into action.

Why not make your dreams reality? Why not Create?

Creativity is about curiosity for life, truth, knowledge, the unknown, the possibilities. It's about imagining, dreaming, building, growing, playing, discovering. Creativity is apart of us, whether we have a gift for art, analytics, or science. Creativity is what allows us to think outside the box and ask, "What if...?" It gives way to new ideas, accomplishment, and understanding.


I started my content creation journey as a way to cultivate curiosity and imagination and help others understand that life is meant to be lived creatively. My goal is to bring awareness to the many creative possibilities so we, all of us, can take advantage of the creativity that lives inside us, so we can embrace our true creative selves.


That's what this site is all about—inspiring you to live more, grow more, play more, and create more. 


Interesting Facts

Favorite Snack

Chocolate chip cookies and Dr. Pepper. The two together are yum!

Favorite Vacation

The beach. Any beach. As long as it's warm. I love that ocean sound and option to go swimming.

Favorite Superhero

Spider-Man, since I was a kid watching the 90s cartoon. Love it!

Where I Live

Good 'ol Missouri. We moved here a year ago to a 10-acre piece of land with a pond. We love it here!

Place I Want to Visit

Europe. All the places: Venice, England, Paris, all of it.

Favorite Season

Summer; I love the warmth and the outside activities. But I'm always happy when the seasons change.


My Creative Mission

To provide content, products, and services that enable others to experience creative moments and live creatively.

Read My Book

Brita On Fire


When Brita is nine-years-old, she discovers an ability that takes the lives of her mother and brother. Her father sends her to the facility, a mysterious place filled with doctors, nurses, and guards who are curious about Brita and what she can do.Brita is tested, prodded, and trained to control her dangerous power. But to what end?